EP271: Andrew Royer - Finding Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner

Being present is the key to balancing work and home life.

When you’re working, be present and fully engaged in your work. When it’s time to be with family and clock out from the work day, give your full attention and focus to them.

This week we are joined by Andrew Royer, owner of Royer Accounting, longtime Pure Bookkeeping licensee & return guest on our show.

He shares updates on his business and explains how he made the decision to move to a fully virtual working environment. Small bookkeeping business owners are familiar with the challenges of working from home. After 5 years of running his own company, he shares what he’s learned from the journey.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why balancing your work and home life is key for any business owner
  • How to transition from working in an office to working remotely
  • Tips for new business owners & entrepreneurs

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.

Learn more about his business Royer Accounting on their website.

Listen to past podcasts episodes with Andrew: EP84: Improve Your Productivity & Work-Life Balance and EP208: What You Need To Know About Running A Successful Business.

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Time Stamps

1:15 - An update on Andrew 

5:12 - How to balance being a business owner and a parent

8:55 - Transitioning his business from in-office to working fully remotely

17:21 - Looking back on the five years of running his own business - challenges, changes & lessons learned

20:46 - Advice for a new business owner

26:00 - Andrew’s strategy for working at home

29:52 - Making the leap to start your own business

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