EP270: Courtney DeRonde - What You Need to Know About Networking

Real connections matter.

Courtney DeRonde is managing partner and director of business development at TDT CPAs & Advisors. She has 19 years experience in public accounting and serves on the firm's executive committee and leadership team. 

She joins us this week to share her career journey and talk about networking as an introvert, how a mindset shift can open up new connections & how to manage burnout as a business leader.  

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to sustain connections & relationships when working virtually
  • Ways to deal with burnout as a business leader
  • Why managing your energy is more important than managing your time

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Time Stamps

1:50 - Courtney’s career journey 

4:53 - Working in business development & sales as an introvert

9:01 - Why building relationships is key to unlocking networking opportunities

15:32 - Maintaining close client relationships in a virtual environment

19:04 - The biggest obstacle she faced as a business leader

29:36 - Working with bookkeeping firms

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