EP268: Lee-Anne Scott - Break the Cycle of Unpaid Invoices & Grow Your Bookkeeping Business

Getting paid.

This is a crucial aspect of every small business, but it is not always easy to get clients to pay their invoices. Too often do bookkeeping business owners suffer because of late & non-payments. All businesses need that extra cash flow to help them be more innovative, to hire the right staff & to expand their client base.

Lee-Anne Scott, founder of Intelligent Revenue, joins us this week to talk about the impact that the late-payment culture has on small businesses & shares how to break out of the cycle of unpaid invoices to keep your business growing.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why the late-payment culture is so dangerous for small businesses
  • How to get over the fear of collection & ensure that invoices are paid
  • Ways that Intelligent Revenue is helping business owners use data & intelligence to have better credit control

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Time Stamps

1:39 - Lee-Anne’s career journey

3:01 - Obstacles she faced as an entrepreneur

4:53 - How unpaid invoices inspired the creation of Intelligent Revenue

11:54 - The late-payment culture & how the pandemic made it worse

18:49 - How Intelligent Revenue helps to solve this problem

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