EP266: Robbie Randall - How to Leverage Modern Technology to Stay Ahead 

“The education mindset just has to be a part of your DNA these days.”

That is what our guest this week says about how bookkeeping businesses can stay on top of emerging technology trends. 

Robbie Randall, Partner Development Manager with the Intuit accountants channel and a regular contributor to Firm of the Future and Tax Pro Center blogs, joins us this week to talk about how cloud computing is transforming businesses of all sizes. He discusses how technology continues to shape and change the way we do business. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How businesses have managed their transition to cloud
  • Benefits of artificial intelligence & machine learning in accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online
  • The importance of continuous learning & staying current on the latest technological innovations

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Time Stamps

2:42 - Robbie’s career journey

9:49 - Common challenges faced by large and small businesses during the pandemic

12:35 - Transitioning businesses to cloud & remote capabilities

17:37 - Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Online Accountant

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