EP265: Teresa Slack - Onboarding New Clients The Right Way

How can I make things more valuable and useful for my clients?

A central question for all bookkeeping business owners alike.

Teresa Slack is the co-founder of Financly, a Pure Bookkeeping licensee & valued member of the Pure Bookkeeping community. 

She joins us this week to talk about client onboarding, an often overlooked process that when structured correctly can be a powerful tool to build strong relationships with your clients and grow trust early. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of onboarding processes
  • Critical areas to consider when onboarding new clients
  • How to use pre-onboarding to maximize client trust 

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Learn more about Financly by visiting their website.

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Time Stamps

03:23 - Updates on Teresa’s business, Financly

11:42 - The importance of client onboarding and what you can do to improve your clients’ experience

21:02 - Documenting your processes to help you improve them

23:25 - How long should it should take to onboard clients

24:25 - Pre-onboarding clients & three things you should consider

This episode was voted as one of the Top 10 Recommended Interviews to Inspire You to Build Systems into your Bookkeeping Business

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