EP264: Geraldine Carter- The Mindset of a Successful Bookkeeper

The biggest driver of success is your mindset.

Owner of She Thinks Big Coaching, Geraldine is a business strategist and coach for CPAs. Her passion is empowering business owners to unleash their full potential.

She joins us this week to talk about what a successful mindset looks like, and shares tips on how to grow your business.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why it’s important to get into your clients’ shoes to really understand their needs
  • How your mindset could be stunting your business’ growth
  • Why focusing on outcomes versus deliverables is a better marketing strategy

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Time Stamps

1:50 - Geraldine’s career journey & challenges she faces as a small business owner

5:20 - Taking an empathetic approach to understanding your customers’ needs

13:34 - The thinking rut that bookkeepers can get trapped in

30:02 - How the positive power of being fed up can help steer you in the right direction

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