EP262: Amber Hawley - How to Prevent Business Owner Burnout


Entrepreneurs and business owners alike struggle with burnout. The physical and mental toll of working nonstop can have serious effects on your health. 

Our guest this week is Amber Hawley, a group psychotherapy practice owner, host of My Biz Bestie podcast and mother of three. She works with entrepreneurs on the emotional side of business - how to prevent burnout, manage ADHD, and find work-life balance. 

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The COVID-19 pandemic's impact on well-being
  • How to spot burnout & build habits to prevent it
  • The vital importance of sleep for stress management 

Find out more about Amber on her website.

Learn about her My Biz Bestie podcast here.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps

2:00 - About Amber Hawley

3:29 - Obstacles she overcame growing her own business

5:45 - Supporting people with ADHD & how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her clients 

8:09 - Burnout signs, symptoms & strategies

17:22 - The importance of sleep & its relationship with stress

22:30 - How to get more sleep

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