EP260: Michele Molitor - Unleash Your Full Potential As A Bookkeeping Business Owner

What if the thing holding you back from success is YOU?

Feeling you’re not good enough. Feeling like you don’t offer value. These are self-limiting beliefs that many of us have, but maybe don’t know how to deal with.

Michele Molitor, an executive coach and co-author of Breakthrough Healing, joins us to share strategies on how to tune into your inner-dialogue to identify self-limiting beliefs and how you can begin to rewrite them to empower yourself.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The strength of the mind-body connection
  • How you can start noticing the self-limiting beliefs you may have
  • Ways to challenge those beliefs & how to begin to heal

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Time Stamps

1:45 - Michele’s career journey - from creative director in web development to professional coach & hypnotherapist

5:26 - The physical and mental effects of self-limiting beliefs & how Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help you heal

10:39 - How to tune into your internal dialogue to help you notice old beliefs that may no longer serve you

21:29 - What you can do to recognize & see your own value

24:19 - Finding the root cause of limiting beliefs & challenging them

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