EP257: Nagina Abdullah - Why Your Diet Can Be Draining Your Energy

Feeling sluggish by the end of the day?

It could be what you’re eating!

Even the busiest workaholics can have a healthier diet.

Like many bookkeeper business owners, Nagina Abdullah is no stranger to a busy schedule. Working as a consultant for Fortune 500 and 100 medical companies while also being a mother of two children, she found herself struggling to keep energized and healthy.

She discovered that eating metabolism-boosting foods and spices helped her maintain a higher level of energy throughout the workday.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why changing your eating habits is foundational to a healthy lifestyle
  • Food tips for staying energized: more health-boosting spices, tasty veggies, good carbs & good fats
  • How your mindset can make or break your health journey

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Time Stamps

1:28 - Nagina’s career journey: how a change in diet helped her balance a demanding career with being a mom of two

8:27 - The health-boosting power of spices: how adding them to your diet can help you lose weight

11:04 - Tips for eating more tasty veggies

14:44 - Nagina outlines her healthy eating framework: The Tested and Perfected Fat Burning Food Framework

19:52 - Time-saving cooking tips

22:45 - Her website masalabody.com and free recipe ebook, 7 Spicy Recipes to Melt Off 7 Lbs

25:21 - How an all-or-nothing mindset can be harmful for your health journey

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