EP256: Jacqui Cubis - How Workflow Software Can Optimize Your Bookkeeping Business

Efficiency and time management.

For any bookkeeping business owner, these are MUST HAVES, so it’s important to find a workflow software that delivers.

This week’s guest is a small business systems and procedures expert in Australia with more than 15 years experience working in the bookkeeping industry, so she knows all about workflow software and how it can help your business.

Jacqui Cubis has also been a Pure Bookkeeping (PB) licensee for over nine years and is a hugely active member in the PB community.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How workflow software can help your business grow
  • What lessons Jacqui learned when starting her own enterprise
  • What apps she leverages in her businesses

Get in touch with Jacqui at jacqui.support@evolutionaryworkflow.com.

Connect with her on LinkedIn here

Learn more about her business, Evolutionary Workflow visit this link

To explore Pure Bookkeeping, visit PureBookkeeping.com.

Time Stamps

2:19 - Jacqui’s career journey and how Pure Bookkeeping helped her bookkeeping business grow
7:17 - Outsourcing work off shore and its challenges
10:30 - How integrating workflow software Karbon into her business has helped her businesses thrive
19:40 - Lessons learned from starting her own business
22:31 - How Jacqui discovered Pure Bookkeeping
28:00 - Apps that Jacqui uses most in her businesses (Karbon, Practice Protect, TSheets, Practice Ignition, etc)

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