EP255: Laura Kriska - How Inclusion Can Help You Build A Bookkeeping Business You Love

What’s below the tip of the cultural iceberg?

According to this week’s guest, understanding and appreciating cultural differences means seeing beyond what is obvious.

Laura Kriska is an expert on cross-cultural relations with more than thirty years experience on helping to create more inclusive and productive workplaces. She is also the author of The Business of We which provides tools to close the Us versus Them culture gap in workplaces.

As bookkeepers, we know that building relationships with our clients and staff is incredibly important. Practicing inclusion means tuning into the subtleties and invisible data and finding ways to bridge any gaps.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why inclusion is a powerful tool for leaders
  • How to see invisible cultural data
  • How to practice inclusion

Learn more about Laura on her website

To connect with her on LinkedIn, click here

To buy her book, The Business of We, visit this link.

To take the Us Versus Them Self-Assessment go here.

Time Stamps:
1:35 - Laura’s career journey in Japan & navigating cultural differences
5:56 - How to see invisible data using the WE-building superpower
11:43 - How to foster a more inclusive environment
23:32 - Understanding Us vs. Them dynamics
30:36 - The fear of branching out & how to squash it
35:24 - Laura’s book, The Business of We & the Us vs Them self-assessment

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