EP254: Helen Konstan - How To Leverage Pure Bookkeeping To Grow Your Business

“It was the community that came with Pure Bookkeeping. And from that community, it was the resources that became available to me that, I believe, pushed this business to where it is already in such a short time.”

This week’s guest is a Pure Bookkeeping licensee from Melbourne, Australia where she is the owner of her own bookkeeping business (Zilch Bookwork), a romance novelist and even a qualified hairdresser.

Helen Konstan shares her bookkeeping journey with us and explains how Pure Bookkeeping has supported and fast-tracked Zilch Bookwork’s growth.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How the Pure Bookkeeping community helped grow her business
  • Why caring & compassionate bookkeepers are more successful
  • Why you should value your time as a bookkeeper & how to price accordingly

You can find out more about Helen and Zilch Bookwork here.  

To connect with her on LinkedIn, click this link

To explore Pure Bookkeeping, check out purebookkeeping.com.

Time Stamps

1:57 - Helen’s journey: from working at her family business to owning her own
4:30 - Starting her business Zilch Bookkeeping
9:10 - How Pure Bookkeeping has impacted her business
14:31 - The Pure Bookkeeping community & how it has helped her business grow
17:13 - Business before & after implementing the Pure Bookkeeping system
22:03 - Bookkeeper or Data Integrity Specialist?
26:15 - Key to success: being caring
31:34 - Valuing your time as a bookkeeper & making sure the price is right

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