EP253: Cherylanne Skolnicki - How To Have Work-Life Balance & Prioritize What Matters Most

Do you feel a sense of control over where your time is going?

Are you aligning your time with the things that you care about and the things you want to be doing?

These are questions Cherylanne Skolnicki, a leading work-life balance expert and coach, suggests we think about when it comes to work-life integration. For busy bookkeeping business owners, juggling work commitments and personal/family responsibilities are common worries.

Cherylanne’s passion is to support working women to live their happiest, most fulfilling lives by helping them find ways of experiencing well-being. She is the founder of The Brilliant Balance Company and a sought-after speaker and podcast host who has endless wisdom to share when it comes to finding your work-life balance.

During this interview you’ll learn…

  • Why it’s important to tune into what you really want in your personal & professional life
  • How to set yourself up for success by being realistic when setting deadlines
  • How to use productivity & time management to build the life you want

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Time Stamps:

02:07 – Cherylanne’s career journey – from corporate ladder climber to successful entrepreneur
09:43 – How to define balance
13:14 – The dangers of over-promising & how to manage timelines better
22:00 – Time management & family – the importance of making time for what matters most
30:39 – The heart of work-life balance: productivity

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