EP251: Kerri Bouffard - Part 1 - How To Overcome Obstacles When Starting Your Bookkeeping Business

It’s not easy to run a startup bookkeeping business.

Just ask this week’s guest.

During that time, Kerri Bouffard was raising small children and trying to get clients, so it was hard.

But, she kept at it and eventually her company, Add-Vantage Bookkeeping became viable.

Today, she is a Xero expert and Pure Bookkeeping licensee who is appreciative of the lessons she learned back in her startup days.

During part one of this two-part interview series, you'll learn...

  • The various obstacles you’ll face as a startup & how to overcome them
  • How using a casual approach can help secure clients
  • How having systems can benefit your bookkeeping business

To learn more about Kerri, go here

To find out about her company, click this link

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