EP246: Sarah DeHaan - How To Effectively Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Bookkeeping Business


When you’re on it, you’re probably overwhelmed with newsfeed ads for things you don’t need.

What if YOU could leverage Facebook affordably to promote your bookkeeping business to people who’d actually WANT your service?

That’s what this week’s guest did and she received terrific results.

Sarah DeHaan isn’t a social media marketer by trade, but when she started her bookkeeping business (Anchored Bookkeeping Services), she had a vision and goals in mind, so she knew to make them a reality, she had to take action.

She took a chance on creating a Facebook ad (targeted for Prince Edward Island entrepreneurs in Canada) that cost $46 dollars and it led to a meeting with an accountant that got things rolling for her business.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you should have a specific audience in mind for your Facebook ad
  • An example of what copy to include in your ad
  • The importance of starting small & affordably when it comes to creating your ad

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