EP245: Leal Fix - How To Create An Effective Online Ad To Attract Your Ideal Clients


Some bookkeepers want nothing to do with it, but in order to find clients, it’s likely a must.

It doesn’t have to be painful.

This week’s guest found a way to promote her bookkeeping business with minimal cost and anxiety.

Leal Fix is the owner of Steadfast Bookkeeping & Consulting and a Pure Bookkeeping licensee.

She placed an ad in an online classified advertising website called Kijiji and has never looked back.

During this interview, you'll learn...
  • Tips on making an effective online advertisement
  • How a Kijiji ad can affordably market your bookkeeping business
  • How to handle tire kickers

To learn more about Leal and her business, visit her website

To connect with her on LinkedIn, click here

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