EP243: Dr. Robert Cialdini - 7 Powerful Ways To Persuade People

The art of influence and persuasion.

It’s amazing how if you use the right language (verbal or written), you can dramatically improve how many clients you can attract to your bookkeeping business.

This week’s guest, Dr. Robert Cialdini will give you a Masterclass in how to ethically use his 7 principles of persuasion that are mentioned in the updated version of his legendary best-selling book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

He’s been teaching this topic for nearly four decades and his insights have been tested and proven.

One of his principles that can help you immediately is Authority.

People want to follow the lead of experts. So, make sure your credentials are on your website, LinkedIn and resume. Never brag about yourself in person with prospects. Let your credentials do the talking.

If you’re a busy bookkeeping business owner and you’re talking to a prospect, never tell them that once they’re onboard, “I’ll pass you over to our Junior bookkeeper.”

By saying the word “Junior” destroys the authority of that person in your prospect’s eyes instantly.

Who would want to trust her finances to a “junior” bookkeeper? It sounds like she’s inexperienced.

Instead, if you tweak the sentence by saying, “You’ll be working with Sally who is a fantastic bookkeeper with 5 years of experience working with clients such as yourself.”

That reframe immediately makes that person sound more credible and trustworthy.

This is just ONE bit of gold you’ll get from this episode.

During this interview, you’ll also discover...
  • The power of having a simple welcome letter on your website to increase your sales leads
  • Why providing value to prospects FIRST can lead to big wins for your bookkeeping business
  • How to defend yourself from people who are unethically using persuasion techniques

To learn more about Dr. Cialdini & Influence At Work, visit this website.

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