EP240: Joe DiSanto - Part 1 - How To Be A CFO For Your Bookkeeping Clients

Stories are everywhere.

They’re in movies, television, books, podcasts and, yes, even in your clients’ financial numbers.

This week’s guest knows a lot about storytelling.

Joe DiSanto is a former owner of a Los Angeles-based multimillion-dollar production company and is now the founder of a finance, business and real estate firm called Play Louder. He’s basically an independent part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for small businesses.

He feels by digging into your clients’ numbers, you can unearth the story of how healthy or unhealthy their businesses are.

Once you have that information, you become incredibly valuable because you can update them about their situation, so they can take action to avoid potential disaster.

During this interview, you'll also learn...

  • Why you should educate yourself in tax planning & tax efficiency
  • Why telling your clients to do their personal finances just like their business finances is a good idea
  • Why you need to encourage your customers to prepare & save for their future


About Joe

Joe DiSanto is a fractional CFO and consultant to small businesses and high-income individuals. He also founded the blog Play Louder, which serves as an invaluable resource to help individuals and business owners increase their net worth and plan better for their future.




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