EP234: Jeremy Allen - How To Create A Successful Work From Home Culture

Things have changed.

Thanks to the pandemic, employers everywhere have had to adapt to a new normal especially in regards to working remotely for themselves and their employees.

Bookkeeping business owners with staff understand this reality.

Just because the workplace is different doesn’t mean it can be any less productive or profitable.

This week’s guest believes in having freedom and flexibility for his staff when it comes to where they work.

Those values have allowed his business to create a terrific work from home culture that has been able to be successful during this new era.

Jeremy Allen is the owner System Six Strategic Bookkeeping & Analysis. He used the above values to help build his business from his kitchen table in Seattle to a company that now generates over a million dollars per year.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of having great workflow management in a remote office
  • Tips on how to keep you aligned with your team
  • The obstacles of operating a cloud-based bookkeeping business from home & how to overcome them

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