EP231: Laura Noel - Leadership Secrets From An Air Force Veteran

“I gave myself permission to dream and allow my mind and imagination to go there then I made the decision that this is what I want, that I need this and when the inspiration and opportunity presented itself, I was clear that it is in alignment, so I took the action.“

That's exactly what this week's guest did when she transitioned from serving in the military for over 27 years to being an entrepreneur, trainer and coach today.

Laura Noel is the owner of Stretch Into Success Consulting which helps people and companies reach their personal and professional targets.

During this interview, you'll learn...
  • Why you need to become an intelligent follower to be a good leader
  • Tips on how you can be a better leader to others and yourself
  • The importance of building a team and having a sense of team in your business
To learn more about Laura, check out her website.
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