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Do you hate asking clients for their receipts?

Or any other documents to get your bookkeeping job done?

If you said yes, you know how incredibly frustrating that scenario is, for not only you, but your clients as well.

You might be spending more time doing those administrative duties than actually advising your clients on the financial state of their businesses!

Our guest today found a solution.

Jamie Shulman is the co-founder & co-CEO of Hubdoc which is software that extracts key information from your receipts, invoices and bills. 

It's changing lives for many bookkeepers, accountants and entrepreneurs.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • How Hubdoc can allow you to become a trusted advisor, instead of an administrator, with clients

  • Why standardizing your bookkeeping software can help you find your ideal customers

  • Why you should always be keeping up-to-date with the latest bookkeeping technology

To find out more about Jamie, visit