EP219: Brandi Bernoskie - How To Create A Website That Attracts Bookkeeping Clients


Client attraction.

Today’s guest has mastered that skill through her work in theater.

Brandi Bernoskie believes that theater is not just learning to pretend, but it is actually understanding other human beings and what motivates or drives them.

With that information in hand, she uses it to help her clients build their perfect website.

Brandi is the owner of Alchemy+Aim which is a website development and business strategy agency that assists thought leaders and entrepreneurs with creating custom websites to enhance client experience.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Tips on how to reorient your website language to attract your ideal clients
  • Different mental roadblocks in creating your business and how to overcome them
  • Your world view versus the view of your customers and how intentionality can help in client attraction

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