EP217: Joey Coleman - What You Need To Know About Customer Retention

Customer retention.

If you get the first 100 days right, you'll have a client for life.

That's the successful and proven mantra of our guest today.

Joey Coleman is a speaker, consultant, mentor and the author of the bestselling book, Never Lose a Customer Again.

While most business owners focus on marketing or closing the sale, Joey believes that relationships, customer experiences and interactions in the first 100 days after the sale is the most important ingredient to earning a loyal lifetime customer.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of having a clear understanding of your current client's journey
  • “How do I get more” versus “How do I get deeper”
  • Tips on how to create remarkable experiences during the customer lifecycle

To find out more about Joey, visit his website here.

To get his book, Never Lose a Customer Again, click this link

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