EP213: Sarah Facio-Davis - How Relationships Can Grow Your Bookkeeping Business

Leverage the people around you to get through tough times.

That's how our guest today conquered the obstacles and difficulties in her bookkeeping business.

Sarah Facio-Davis is the owner of Accurate Office Help and a Pure Bookkeeping licensee.

She is also part of a Mastermind program led by Profit strategist, Lisa Campbell.

According to Sarah, it has answered her questions about growing her bookkeeping business and has helped to make the puzzle pieces fall into place.

During this interview, you'll learn...
  • How relationships can help change and grow your bookkeeping business
  • How to overcome the challenges when you hit a wall in your business
  • The benefits of knowing your value

To get in touch with Sarah, email her at sarah@accurateofficehelp.com.

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