EP209: Cheryl Parker - How To Manage Grief While Running Your Bookkeeping Business

No two people grieve the same.

That's why if a person is grieving, don't assume that you know what the other person needs.

Instead, ask questions about how you can help or support her.

That's the advice of our guest today.

Cheryl Parker is a grief recovery specialist, who endured then recovered from the loss of her own daughter, that focuses on helping individuals heal, rebuild, and prosper again.

During this interview, you'll discover...
  • The effects of miscommunication around grief and lack of information
  • The importance of having the education on how to support somebody
  • 7 Stepping stones to reclaiming your life after loss

To order Cheryl's book, My Good Grief, click here.

To check out her website, visit this link.

To download the free 7 Stepping Stones To Reclaim Life after Loss, go here.

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