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Do you want a successful bookkeeping business?

Pure Bookkeeping co-founder, Debbie Roberts certainly did.

When she first began her entrepreneurial journey, it had many bumps, but the best decision she made was hiring master business coach, Peter Cook to help her along the way.

At the time, little did she know that Peter would become the source of inspiration, guidance and accountability she'd need to create the now popular Pure Bookkeeping System and eventually sell her personal bookkeeping business for over 6 figures.

Peter, who is a co-founder of Pure Bookkeeping as well, saw the potential in Debbie and now she has transformed into a terrific success story.

During this interview, you'll learn not only about Peter and Debbie's journey together, but you'll also discover the crucial tips you'll need to operate a prosperous bookkeeping business.

Some include...

  • Why clients will pay any price if you focus on solving their pain first instead of just marketing your services

  • Why having accountability is the difference maker in achieving your goals

  • Why basing hiring decisions on job interviews is a waste of your time

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