EP195: Julie Watson – How I Built My Thriving Virtual Bookkeeping Business

Having a virtual bookkeeping business is scary to some.

In 2020, many bookkeepers were forced to take the leap out of necessity.

People are creatures of habit, so all of a sudden, if they have to break out of their comfort zone, there’s a lot of uncertainty and fear that can arise.

There’s no need to be afraid because you can follow the path of many successful virtual bookkeepers including today’s guest.

Julie Watson is the Director of Bookkeeping Relief based in Australia and a Pure Bookkeeping licensee.

Her business is booming, so she’s happy to share her success secrets.

During this interview, you'll discover...
  • How to overcome the snag of staffing and the advantage of outsourcing
  • The importance of having Practice Protect app for your cybersecurity needs
  • Why Pure Bookkeeping has been so instrumental to her virtual bookkeeping business

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This episode was voted as one of the Top 10 Recommended Interviews to Inspire You to Build Systems into your Bookkeeping Business

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