EP194: Erin Longmoon – What You Need To Know When Hiring An Employee

The right fit.

Every bookkeeping business owner is looking for that when trying to hire an ideal employee.

But, some don’t know it’s crucial to look beyond just skills on a resume.

Today’s guest knows all about this.

Erin Longmoon is a disruptor in the recruiting industry.

She started Zephyr Recruiting LLC to support rising businesses in creating and maintaining great places to work.

She is driven by her mission of eradicating toxic workplaces in the small business community.

During this interview, you'll discover...
  • The importance of Culture Fit Recruiting
  • Why we need to focus on brand marketing
  • Tips on finding the right fit employee

To learn more about her company, visit her website.

To connect with her on LinkedIn, visit here.

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