EP189: Yoseph West - A new banking experience that will make you smile

Financial transactions.

They are necessary in our everyday lives especially if you have a business.

And during this difficult time, it's a struggle when we are hesitant to visit our bank in person for important transactions or can't even speak with customer service because of long call queues.

With that in mind, today’s guest developed a system that can simplify banking needs.

Yoseph West is the co-founder and CEO of Relay Financial which is a digital business banking solution.

He worked several years with Wave and Hubdoc and used his experience to expand Relay Financial.

During this interview, you'll discover...

-The difference between consultative sales versus hard charging sales
-The advantages of caring about helping your customers
-Tips on identifying your ideal customers

To learn more about Relay Financial, visit here.

To connect with Yoseph on Linkedin, check this out

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