EP188: Lisa Campbell - How To Pivot Your Business For Greater Success

Direction. Support. Accountability.

According to our returning guest today, that's all it takes to succeed in any business.

Lisa Campbell is a living example of how to transition from being a bookkeeper into a successful advisor.

She turned her bookkeeping practice into a business that allows her the ability to serve her high-end client's needs as a profit strategist rather than a bookkeeper.

Lisa is the owner of The Marcam Group (a profit strategy bookkeeping firm), Head of Mentoring North America for The Successful Bookkeeper and creator of the Accelerate 2 Advisor Mastermind program.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • How to use your knowledge and experience to pivot and open up new opportunities for your clients

  • Different positioning techniques and the importance of having everything systemized

  • Generalist bookkeeping vs specialist bookkeeping

To learn more about Lisa Campbell, here’s her company website.

To join her Accelerate 2 Advisor Facebook group, visit this link.

To register for her 9-day FREE LIVE Accelerator Method Masterclass series beginning on April 20th 2020, go here.

During the Masterclass series, Lisa will teach you how to create a business that supports how you want to work instead of being bogged down with all of those little details you shouldn’t need to deal with.

As well, she’ll share with you how she was able to go from working on compliance with her clients every single week to providing quality information to them and increasing her own value to them at the same time!

Here's also what she'll cover during the 9 days…

  • How to attract the right clients and reposition yourself as an expert in your field!

  • How to systemize your firm’s ecosystem!

  • How to leverage your workflow to do less of the busy (compliant) work!

  • How to block your time to get the most out of each working day!



Michael Palmer (01:13): Hello everyone and welcome to the successful bookkeeper podcast. I am your host and today's show is going to be a very unique one. Of course we are doing this show via Facebook live, which will then become our podcast episode. Our guests is a certified professional bookkeeper, turned profit strategist after turning her practice into a business that allows her the ability to serve her high end clients needs as a strategist rather than a bookkeeper. She has a guest speaker on countless podcasts, webinars, and live training events. Lisa is the owner of the Mark ham group, a profit strategy bookkeeping firm, head of mattering North America for the successful bookkeeper and creator of the accelerate to advisor mastermind program. Lisa is guiding entrepreneurs and bookkeepers to skyrocket their confidence, cash flow and freedom with money mindset and positioning tools that help our clients prosper exponentially. Lisa Campbell, welcome back to the show.

Lisa Campbell (02:18): Thanks, Michael. It's always great to talk to you.

MP (02:25) Yeah, it's great to have you and you know this is crazy times and we're doing crazy things and trying new things as well, which which is a silver lining in all of this and that we're able to actually do something different. This is the very first time that we've actually planned to do a podcast episode live. And so for those that are listening later to this episode, if you're listening on a podcast right now, this live video will be available in the successful bookkeeper community portal. You can go to the successful bookkeeper website and on this particular show you'll have notes and link to go in there and watch this because we may refer to certain things or show things. And so we want to make sure that you know what's going on and that you have access for that. And for those of you that are live watching this, welcome and please leave comments, put chat comments up. We will be reviewing those and we will incorporate those into the show as well. Best that we can. So Lisa, today we're talking about adviser and before we get into adviser, the conversation of being an advisor in your bookkeeping business, what do you think most bookkeeping business owners are struggling with right now?

LC (03:30): Well, I think right now a lot of them are struggling with trying to get, you know, clients' books up to date to apply for funding. I'm trying to answer a bunch of questions about the funding that's available. Um, and then they're just overworked more than usual. And then on the flip side, you've got a lot of bookkeepers who are losing clients left, right and center because the businesses are shut down and there's no work to be done.

MP (03:52): Interesting. And what have been some of the conversations that you've had with business owners around that?

LC (03:58): Well, the, well, they're a little, a lot of them are stressed as far as they don't know how else to position themselves, you know, other than just doing the compliance work, if the business goes down, why do they have to offer them? So I'm trying to help them understand how to use their knowledge and experience to pivot, to open up new opportunity for ways to advise their clients. Even if it's not a specialty that they've learned. Like they're not certified in a special method of advising. They still have enough experience that they can use that in some way to help these entrepreneurs in their pivots.

MP (04:33): And so how is this struggle, this challenge showing up in their business today? Because not everybody has this figured out. What are you seeing happen to people that haven't figured this out in their business?

LC (04:46): Okay. So those people that are qualified to advise, like they, they know they have more to bring to the table. They know that they can help their clients through this. The biggest struggle that they're facing is that they're trying to stay on top of all the compliance work and now add this as well. So it's just now double the work is now they're staying up to date on all the updates. They're advising their clients, they're having maybe weekly meetings or biweekly meetings trying to help them through, especially with cashflow. And then they're still, you know, working at night now and probably all of their personal time trying to stay on top of all the compliance work that needs to be done in order to help them in that position of advising. Right?

MP (05:26): Yes. Now you figured this out, whether it was just knowing to be on the right track or you know, being surrounded by different mentors along your journey. Tell us a little bit about your journey and how you found yourself to be in this position of where your business has done, the pivot to being an advisory firm and how that's impacted your business.

LC (05:47): Well, I found myself in this position sort of a combination of everything you just said. It was like accidental. I was surrounded by the right people, I was mentored by the right people and I'm one those people that tends to, you know, have a goal. But I'll also watch the journey along the way and look at the directions I could be going in. Where am I most needed, what is going to serve me most at this point in time. So, you know, I went through the whole process of, of being that bookkeeper who was just a solo bookkeeper working like crazy. And you know, I had my clients and I did my job and I got paid and that was it. And then once I started talking with you and learning that I could actually flip that into a business where I'm not the one who's actually doing all the work and I can build it into something that was bigger than me.

LC (06:30): You know, I implemented my systems, I got my workflows all straightened out and then what happened there is I was able to delegate. So once I started delegating, I ended up with a lot of time on my hands. And that's when I started realizing, you know, I can really learn more ways to help these clients. Cause you know, it's really frustrating when you're working on a client's books all the time and you think, Oh I could talk to them about this or I wouldn't do it that way if it was my business. Cause we know we see the same numbers, we see the same stories all the time. Right. So I decided that I was going to learn how to help people with cashflow and so I went into profit first. I started studying that. Then I went to mastery and I love it because now I'm in a position where the bookkeeping itself, if that's all handled, it's all done systematically. It's so well organized that I spend 100% of my time focusing on guiding these clients through this. It's, it's ideal right now, you know, like usually it's ideal as well, but right now even more so, I'm so thankful that I put all that work into it and that I'm in this position right now.

MP (07:32): It's, it is remarkable and I, and nothing that you've done the work, you did a lot of hard work to put yourself into this position now. Now you also mentor bookkeeping business owners and you've been mentoring them for a while now. How are they now preparing their businesses for this current time?

LC (07:51): Well, they're probably the ones that are, have been in it for awhile are completely repositioned. They are now focusing on what are they going to do to put themselves out there in a different way. They may not be trained yet in their specialty, but their business is set up meaning that they are completely systemized. Uh, their workflows are all automatic. Everything is recurring, everything is is the way it should be so that their messaging is correct and they can flip very quickly what their message is. So they don't, in other words, they don't promote themselves as you know, the best bookkeeper around or the cheapest bookkeeper, the fastest bookkeeper, they promote themselves as a specialist rather than a generalist. And great bookkeeping is expected with that.

MP (08:31): And, and how has that, by them doing that, how, what results have they seen in their businesses?

LC (08:37): Well, they're able to now go like if they've got their Facebook page or their Facebook group or their website, whatever their marketing is across all social platforms because everything else is set up, they are now able to put on their social media platforms that they are reaching out to their clients. They are, they are saying, you know, we can work with you. We can strategize with you, we can go day by day, work this through with you. They're talking about the help that they can provide as opposed to, Hey, hire us and we're a great booking firm, that sort of thing. So it's a completely different positioning technique. And of course it does also command higher fees, right? Like you're not charging the lowest that you can charge just to get lots and lots of clients. So they're really specializing in narrowing down who they want to work with, but at the same time, they're being a service

MP (09:31): There's remarkable, you know, uh, I've seen and worked with, uh, it seems thousands. I would say it's in the hundreds of bookkeeping business owners and watch them as they've grown their businesses and I've seen some accelerate quickly and be successful. I've seen others struggle and, and get stuck. What I really admire watching some of the bookkeeping business owners that have been working with you is just the speed at which they're implementing, and B, and getting there. You know, often you hear people talk about, Oh, it's, you know, it took me two years to do something. Uh, example, uh, one of our clients was talking about moving to fixed pricing and you know, that's a challenging thing to do for many people and it was a kind of a conversation in my head is that this is going to take you a long time to accomplish this.

LC (10:18): Well recently I had one of our licensees watch one video online and just implemented it and two weeks he had fixed pricing and he had sold two packages that were premium and add up 20 or 25% increase to the pricing that he had had before in two weeks went from nothing, no conversation of it. Kind of really just a thought like this would be a good idea. I should probably do this to actually having an implemented to two weeks. So it, it actually changed my belief around what's possible and I think the secret sauce there is that he was part of a community, part of a group, part of a conversation. There was a little bit of accountability around it and something to show people, I've done this and I think a lot of the people in your program, while they're getting such great results so quickly is because of that. Can you talk a little bit about what's that like and what you've seen? A lot of

MP (11:12): That is is direction, support, accountability. You know, a lot of us work by ourselves, even like this is not unusual for most of us. You know, we work alone in our offices behind our desks, so if they're isolated, they don't know. There's different things that you can do. There's, there's different people that you can lean on for support. So one of the things that I like to sort of talk about a lot is the fact that you can take any course program, workshop, that sort of thing. It's going to serve your purpose for that certain thing. But a lot of it is you need to understand the flow. You kind of need to piece it all together because understanding where you're trying to go, you're trying to implement it takes a series of different things that you need to do, so you need to reach out.

LC (11:57): You need to know who's done what before, ask them. A lot of it is fear. Reaching out to a community of people that are trying to maybe do the same thing you're doing. Like for example, the the gentleman you're talking about with a value pricing, a lot of that was probably fear. He didn't know how to do it. He didn't know how to implement it and he finally sat down and watched the video. It made sense and he acted on it. That's half the battle for most people. It's just, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do next. I don't know how to do it, and then somebody, please show me how to do it. And then when they figure that out, that's when they take action. They also need to understand that they are worthy of that. There's a lot of people do not understand their value. They don't know what they bring to the table.

MP (12:38): I agree completely. And you know, we talked the, the program, the podcasts to the community that it's called the successful bookkeeper community, the successful bookkeeper podcast. Well, what does it mean to be successful? How do you be successful? And often we complicate success. We get all crazy about success. And I remember hearing really a simple, it was a mentor of mine. Matt church talked about the five steps to being successful in any situation. And number one, the number one step is having a burning desire. Number two is the belief. And I think that's what we're talking about right now is the belief. Like my belief was that it took a long time like that. And I'm the one that that has helped. I have all the resources, see the people being successful. Yet my belief thought that it would take longer than two weeks. That shattered that belief, which was super exciting for me to see that and go, wow, I can bring that to so many others.

LC (13:32): It's like this doesn't need to take that long. So number two is belief. You must believe that it's possible. Number three is commitment. You must be committed to achieving that desire. I, you know, you have the desire, you believe it's possible. You must commit to having that be come something. And then number four is focus. You must focus on that commitment and have ultimate focus. And number five is simply action. Take the actions that are in line with what you're trying to create now. And when you think of, and we look at your program and we look at a person that made that result. He had all of those guys. He had an incredible desire for building a certain type of business. He has four children, a young child and a young family. He is extremely desires to have a successful business that'll care for his end.

LC (14:26): He believes that as possible. He's made the commitment, he's was focused on it. He took the action and he had the results. And so some people could take, I've seen people take five years, 10 years, whatever, to get to those levels. Yet you don't, it doesn't have to take that long. So I think part of that is really our listeners are people watching right now. What you believe right now is actually just a fairy tale, a story. There's, it's not real. So it can be manipulated to be changed and modeled and shaped to be whatever it is that you want it to be. And I, that's exciting. Even through these difficult times, this is the time to actually be looking at what is it that you truly want in your business.

MP (15:10): Absolutely. Positive mindset is, is a lot of it. A lot of people come in thinking the success and the results that some people are getting only happened to some people and that's so not true what it is. Those are the people that put the work into it. They believed in themselves, they put themselves out there, they, they did the studying, they did the coaching, they did the training, and then they actually took action. Those are the people who actually make something of themselves and create the business that they want. And the, the goal obviously is to create a business that gives you freedom. It gives you the financial reward that you need to support your family, your lifestyle, your dreams, your goals. You know, maybe you want to buy a house, maybe you want to buy a second house or I don't know, whatever it is that you need to do, but it's not just going to fall on your lap and everybody who's in your community here, they're on their own.

LC (16:00): They've started a bookkeeping business, whether it's just themselves working alone, maybe they've got a team, maybe they're a small team, a big team, whatever it is, they're all in the same boat. They, if they have that entrepreneurial spirit that otherwise they wouldn't have taken the risks. They would've gone and got a job and got paid whatever number of dollars an hour. But they've taken the risk to put themselves out there as a business owner who provides a very skilled service to a lot of entrepreneurs that need it. And so the more that they train, the more that they get involved with community like minded people, the more coaching they get, the more programs, the more any type of information that they can absorb. That's going to benefit them is going to help them move forward. And accountability is huge. Don't try to do it alone. Reach out, let somebody know what you're trying to do so that you can hold yourself accountable. Even if it's just you're doing some, you know, self-paced thing by yourself from a book. Tell somebody that you're doing it so that they can check up with you and you, you cause otherwise you will put it off and put it off and put it off and then nothing happens. So I just want to make sure everybody understands this does not happen for some people. If you want it, you make it happen.

MP (17:07): That's right. People don't just wake up being successful. You're absolutely right. I think that's maybe the theme of this podcast. And the exciting thing about this podcast is that it, it can happen for you if you want it to happen. It can happen for you. And so I'd love for people in the chat to comments. I see a few comments coming in, you know, recognizing that the topic that we're talking about right now is, is important and true. But as well, action action action reminds me of a quote by Charlie. Tremendous Jones. You will be the same person in five years from now. You have all the same things. Your business will look identical. But for two things, the books you read and the people you surround yourself. And when we say books, you read the, what's your importing? What's your uploading into your brain? It doesn't need to be a book.

LC (18:00): I mean it's, that's the quote. But this live video, this podcast resources, other groups, people in the industry putting, that's the data input into your mind. You're altering, you're shifting what's possible when you put in new information, new ideas, that's extremely important in this formula of success. Number two that people you surround yourself with, you will be the same person. I mean there are studies and statistics. I mean it's proven that who you surround yourself with, you become those people. And so that's the other exciting thing. And I mean I think it's why the successful bookkeeper, podcast, community group, Facebook group that we're going live and right now is important. You're connecting with your people. But there's other groups. And you lead an amazing group called accelerate to advisor. I mean, you're surrounding yourself with people that want be accelerating to becoming an advisor. I mean, you're, you're in there, you're, you're with people who are, who've done it, who were doing it, who were fighting for it, that are, are excited about it, that are passionate about it, and that energy and those people bring you along.

LC (19:11): They bring you along. Now, if you don't participate, if you don't take the steps, if you don't do some of the things that we've talked about will, you'll get left behind. And in fact, you'll drag the other people down. I mean, that's the other side of the coin, right, is that you may want to be a part of a group of successful people to be successful. But if you're not willing to be a successful person and bring the energy and passion of pursuit of, of being successful for yourself, you actually shouldn't be a part of that group. You will, you will be a detriment to the group. So the magic of it happens. But you've got to step up. You've got to be there. And the exciting thing is your in control of your future if you choose to be.

MP (19:49): Absolutely, and I want to comment on something about that. I have found a lot of bookkeepers because we're typically, we're introverts. I personally am not, I can flip on either either side of that coin, but a lot of people are introverts and they're so afraid of putting themselves out there visually, like saying to people, even just on a Facebook post on their, on their business page, Hey, this is what I can do for you and I'm not talking about compliance. I'm talking about anything that they could do right now in general or under normal circumstances. How can they help a business owner, right? But they're so afraid to put themselves out there and it's, it can be unnerving. And so being part of communities like, like the accelerate to advisor group, like the successful bookkeeper group, like your bookkeeping inner circle group, those groups are safe places for you to practice.

LC (20:33): Do live streams, post something, do a picture, just practice and say to your peers, Hey, I'm going to put this out on my business page. Does it, this doesn't sound hokey. Does anybody have any suggestions? These are your peers who are also trying to elevate themselves. We elevate each other in groups. There's no, you know, knocking each other down to build yourself up that, that, that stuff doesn't get tolerated inside these groups. So these people who are in the groups with you and who are also trying to better themselves are totally willing and open to critiquing what you've done in a very nice way. You know, not, not, you know, what's that word? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you. Um, so like I would encourage people to just, you know, if you want to go live to your own people, practice in one of the groups that you belong to, no one's gonna knock it down. What's the worst thing that can happen? Somebody's going to say, Hey, your lighting socks or your, you know, your mic is terrible or you rambled or something. I ramble when I do my lives. I don't care. I have a message that I want to get out. Sometimes they get off track and nobody has to be perfect. The key right now is to be alive, be present and be of service.

LC (21:43): Absolutely. Absolutely. And I appreciate the fear that people would have about messing it up. I mean, I do all the time getting onto this doing live instead of doing the safe podcast that I do. Well, the safe podcast I do today wasn't the safe podcast when I started it, right? It was like, Oh my God, I'm going to mess it up. Nobody's going to like it. It's going to be awful. And then [inaudible] it's now the safe place. So what you fear today becomes kind of the safe place tomorrow. If you take action and take risks, it will evolve. You will evolve as a human being and as a person. And that's, that's what it's all about. A couple of comments I want to draw attention to from our community. Jan [inaudible] said a lot of distractions right now, social media customers, you really have to keep your eye on the prize and be intentional, intentional about driving your gross.

MP (22:38): So true, and often what you think is what you attract, what becomes right. We're not hearing a lot of that message right now. For some reason it's, it's more people are in the fear state, but we have to bring ourselves back to that focus, you know, turn down the news, turn off some of that, limit the diet of that. I understand right now it's difficult because it's, we're seeing history unfold in a dramatic way, like we've never seen it before, but we have to keep our eye on the longterm game and focus on the things that we can do. So great comment and I think really in tune with what we're saying today. And so if you're listening or are you, you're watching this and you're thinking, yeah, that's me. I'm, I'm, I don't want to mess it up. You can't get good at something and have it look perfect immediately. It just, it, it, it, it's, you have to go somewhere, do something and so do it in a safe space. Lisa, your comments there are right on the money. Do it in a safe place, but just start doing it.

LC (23:38): Absolutely. One more thing I want to address on that, on that subject. People in this industry who have the experience who are looking to shift into more of an advisor role. There is an element of discomfort that is huge because think about it, they've probably been doing books for ever, right? They can do it with their eyes closed. Everything is like, Oh, you know, quick, quick, quick. They don't have to think about it. It's a very comfortable spot to be it. To be the rookie again is very difficult. I did it a few years ago when I went into profit first I was the rookie and I was like, Oh my God. Like I'm so used to knowing what I'm doing and helping other people and now I'm learning. I'm the low man on the pool trying to figure this out. Right? Very unnerving. Going into discovery calls with a new skill that I had, it wasn't second nature in my brain, but let me tell you, the more you do it, the more like so quickly it comes so easily so that stepping out of your comfort zone for growth can be very unnerving and leaning into community is how you get through that.

MP (24:38): Beautiful. Well said. Any questions or comments? Thank you. Everyone that's posting is wonderful. I'd love to talk a little bit about accelerate to adviser. Tell us why you created accelerate to advisor. Okay, so I started that program because I transitioned. I did what I needed to do and I think I started talking about it, you know, on Facebook and in, in events and stuff like that. And I want people to understand that it's not something miraculous that I did. It's not something unachievable for anybody, it's just a series of steps that I took, series of things that I did to change the way I operated my business. I had people reaching out to me, Hey, how did you do that? Well, you know, what did you do next? What about this? What about that? And I thought, well, you know what, because I've already done it, I can look back and look at my steps, clean them up so that it's, you know, this, that the other thing and just keep moving forward.

LC (25:31): So I wanted to create sort of a program where people could follow and do all the key things that they need to do with all of the support, all of the knowhow, all of the critiquing, all of the comradery of working with other people who are trying to do the same thing. So like for example, you know, working on tweaking out your packages and your pricing model, you post that stuff into the group that your members, the other program members are in and we all give feedback and because we want to make sure that we're not working inside of a vacuum, right? We want to make sure that what we're putting out to the world is something that people can actually relate to and we'll actually reposition the sell. So I want it to have something that was very solid, very structured, yet very open as far as back and forth communication.

LC (26:15): I didn't want to have it just, you know, a bunch of videos and you go follow it by yourself and then hopefully you'll transition. I wanted it to be weekly coaching calls. I wanted it to be group collaboration. Anytime there was an issue, let's go live. Let's talk about it. Let's work it through. Let's do screen-share. Let's, you know you want to show me your workflows, see what's going wrong. Is there a break in your system so that you know something's not happening the way it should be? Is there something wrong with your positioning and your marketing? What are you saying to people in your marketing efforts? Like when they first looked at your page, where they say, you have three seconds to catch somebody's attention, you better make sure those three seconds count. Right? So I wanted to create something that was like a very good sense of community, very clear and easy to follow with lots of accountability. Anything I can bring, I'm always adding. I'm constantly adding because I just think of different things that you know might help the members. They also bring things to the table. It's a very collaborative experience.

MP (27:09): Wonderful. Well, I think it's, the time is now because we need more advisors working with small business owners. Not only, I mean it's a much better business to be in. It's a much more lucrative business to be in for you as a bookkeeper. If you are doing that work and you have that as a part of your firm, your business will benefit from it. But as well, your customers will benefit from it and it's needed. It needs to happen in order for small businesses to be the one to be what people you know, grow up wanting to be a part of or be starting and running versus going and working just at a large organization or something along those lines. We really need to help with small businesses strong. They can't be strong without great advice and great advisors around them and bookkeepers are positioned to be the best people to do this.

MP (28:02): That's the exciting part, right? This is the opportunity of opportunities right now to be that people are going to be looking around who's been helping me? Who's the most valuable person in my business? It's those people that are right up there next to that business owners showing how things are going, showing cash flow, showing expenses, showing what's what's really going on in the health of the business. So really, really important. Now, what's super exciting, I mean it couldn't have come at a better time. Tell us a little bit about this master class that you're running, a free master class that you're running on April 20th where people can sign up and actually do this live program free. Let's, let's talk about that.

LC (28:43): I very excited about this. So I took the 12 month mastermind program and I broke it down into a masterclass series that I could present to everyone that gives them sort of the play by play of what actually needs to happen inside your business so that you are focusing on being an advisor without also trying to do all the compliance work as well. Okay. So there's, there is a workbook involved. It's got all sorts of stuff in here. This is going to be a download. We're going to go every day inside.

MP (29:16): Have a look, let's have a look at the, the notebooks. So it shows what a page looks like out of that.

LC (29:20): Okay. So that's the lovely cover with my picture on it. Um, okay, so there's a lot of fill in the blanks. I don't know if you can see that. We had a comment from Diane Mueller. We are going to go step by step. This is your first page, so we're going to go through literally in the group I'm going to be teaching and you're going to be filling in with what we need to do. There are spots in here where we're going to just find a quick page here. Oh my goodness. You are actually going to build out some templates. You are going to build out your process like this, you know, room for, okay, build out your, your templates here. It's just, I spent a lot of time designing this because I think a lot of people, you know, they want to shift, they want to make change, but the problem is they don't know really what to do.

LC (30:12): Really what that involves and so this is designed to show you what is involved in doing that. You're going to do this, then you're going to do this. Then you're gonna do that. Because I don't want people putting the cart before the horse for example. You don't want to start working on your workflows. If you don't have your systems established yet, get your systems established, right and then you incorporate it into your workflow. So I'm going to be touching on all sorts of stuff like that. Their value, their positioning, their systems, their processes, their workflows, so many different things in a step by step manner. In fact, the first line of the workbook says this, this workbook will be your notes, your planner and your pay by play process to get out of overwhelm and compliance and position for high value advisory.

MP (31:03): Remarkable. I'm so excited to be doing this. It's, it's exciting and this is free. It's free. Yeah, it's absolutely free. It's a free course. It's not a go and watch a bunch of videos. Course. It is going to be mentoring and coursework provided by you in a community with a group. We are going to have the community be able to sign up for this and actually begin their journey to becoming an advisor, an advisor and it doesn't need to take you 20 years. You can accelerate. Love that name, accelerate quickly. Just like the example that I talked about, don't take this process and have it may come a reality in three years. Make it happen now, right now. And that's exciting for you, exciting for your business. So tell us a little bit, how do people get involved and get signed up for this?

LC (32:01): Well, if they're already in the accelerator advisor Facebook group, there's a link inside that that they can register to get the, the download of the workbook center to them. If they're not, I'm going to put a, uh, there you go. If they go to www.acceleratetoadvisor.com forward slash workbook, uh, you just register in there and you know, it says save my seat or whatever. Really it's so that you can get the workbook cause you don't want to go through the training without the workbook. You need this to walk away with. It also puts them into a replay category. So they will get the replace if they can't attend live. I strongly recommend people attend live, uh, as often as they can. We're going to have two live Q and a sessions throughout that. So you know, just just go register and then you're, you'll be tagged inside our list to make sure that you get the workbook, you get the replays, you get everything that you need to know and it's going to be every day it's going to be heavy, heavy, intensive. It's not all day. Every day. It is one hour, maybe 90 minutes at the most every day for nine days. April 20th to April 28th yep. Heavy, heavy hitting

MP (33:05): 28th that's 2020 so obviously a podcast. If you're listening to this on the podcast, if you're listening to it the week we've released the podcast, then you'll still have the time it's happening the next week, but if you're listening to this after, well you can still go and check things out. There's likely going to be something that you can go through and review at a later time, but right now there's no replacement for being live. Like you said, Lisa, I encourage everyone to get on and be live and participate and ask questions and and start moving this. This is a great time to be doing this. It's always been a great time. In fact, 20 years ago was the best time to be doing this. But today, right now is the second best time and this is a great opportunity. And, and Lisa, thank you so much for a, putting so much energy and work into doing this and making such a massive difference to our community.

LC (33:57): Oh, I'm glad to help in any way I can. I love, I love watching other people rise up. It's just, it's a great feeling. It's why most bookkeepers do. That's why I love this community as why I love the industry. Love people like yourself. And I always think to myself, my goodness, when I meet a great bookkeeper, who cares? Who's passionate, who really wants to help, gets it done right? I think my goodness, thank the people that they work with. They have no idea. Those business owners that work with those types of bookkeepers have no idea how great and blessed they are to have people like that in their life. I mean, that's awesome. So you're one of those people, many of the people that are looking right now. In fact, if you're listening to this, you're likely one of those people because you actually care.

MP (34:45): You want to be better wherever you're at in that journey. If you have a desire to be great at what you do, to be exceptional at what you do, to really make a difference for your life and your business and also for those that you serve, you're in the right place and you're on your way there and we want to see you get there so thank you for doing that. You are, you are needed. So a couple of things we want to really make clear. Number one, accelerate to adviser Facebook group. It's led by Lisa Campbell. There'll be links all over the place but you can search it in the Facebook, get up, get to be a part of that group. There's also a link that Lisa has posted here will likely post it in the chat down the track or have some sort of way for people to find that in our groups as well.

MP (35:29): You want to go there and sign up to be a part of that group and to go through the process of what it looks like to belong and participate, all that good stuff. So those are the real key things and you'll get that workbook, which Lisa showed us and that's so exciting. Looks like you've put so much time and energy into that, which is remarkable. So thank you, Lisa. Thank you for your generosity and for doing this new live episode of the successful bookkeeper podcast.

LC (35:55) Well, thanks for having me on here. It's been great chatting with you again.

MP (36:02) Yes. And uh, and likewise. And with that, we will wrap another episode of the successful bookkeeper podcast to learn more about today's wonderful guests and to get access to all sorts of valuable free business building resources. You can go to thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com. Until next time,

MP (36:17): goodbye.

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