EP182: Lisa Channell - Part 1 - How Finding A Mentor Can Power Your Success

Sometimes accidents in life can be a great thing.

Our guest, Lisa Channell, knows this well.

Once upon a time she was called in accidentally (instead of the actual candidate) for a job opportunity that she would end up getting.

During that job, she discovered her love for bookkeeping and met her mentor who taught her everything about it.

Then Lisa surprisingly had a baby which was a beautiful accident that ended her stay at the job but then pushed her to pursue bookkeeping on her own.

Today, she is the owner of Bonfire Bookkeeping and has been a longtime member of the Successful Bookkeeper community.

During Part 1 of her interview, you'll discover...

  • The significance of having a steady driving force

  • How to find a good mentor

  • Ways that bookkeepers can have better cash flow

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To learn more about Bonfire Bookkeeping, visit this link.