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Are you afraid to take risks?

Many people are.

It's fear that paralyzes them from catapulting their businesses to higher levels of profitability.

Patricia Sawatzky was like you.

She was scared to get out of her comfort zone.

An admitted introverted bookkeeper, who operates her business, TAP Bookkeeping, out of small town Campbell River, British Columbia, was hesitant about making any big leaps.

But once she recognized the value in taking a risk, her business and world would change forever.

Today, the clients are rolling in and now she's become an inspiration to bookkeepers across Canada.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The tools that can help you feel more at ease when making scary decisions about your business

  • Why it's important to take advantage of organizations like the IPBC to get you comfortable in social environments

  • Why professional growth only happens with personal growth

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