EP175: Kirk Simpson - Why You Should Have Empathy For Your Clients

The entrepreneur’s journey is a difficult one.

Whether it’s the ups and downs of finding customers or hiring or laying off employees, your client’s path as a business owner is not an easy one.

As a bookkeeping business owner, you probably know this yourself.

A way you can stand out is by being more human and understanding of what your clients are going through and doing what you can to help them with your service.

Our guest, Kirk Simpson, who is the co-founder and CEO of Wave, believes empathy is important.

He is passionate about focusing on and empathizing with the human experience on both sides of the tech equation - the customers who rely on Wave to run their businesses successfully and the people who make up the Wave team and drive the company’s innovation and success.

During the interview, you'll also discover...

  • What to look for in solutions to increase financial success

  • Why passion should be the driving force that motivates entrepreneurs

  • The challenges of businesses in money-management and how to overcome them

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