EP172: Danielle Gadoury - How To Get Accountant Client Referrals

“I'm not going to milk the cow. I want to own a farm.”

With that motto, today's guest has developed a relationship with clients and accountants that helps grow her business with no social media or marketing.

Danielle Gadoury is the owner of D & D Professional Services which provides high quality bookkeeping with the utmost care and attention to detail that makes her clients focus on what they do best - growing and making their businesses profitable.

During the interview, you'll discover...

  • The significance of meeting your client's accountants and treating them like a client

  • How to approach accountants about forming a referral partnership

  • The importance of having a good foundation through education

To connect with Danielle, email her at danielle@daniellegadoury.com.

For her LinkedIn, click here.

To learn more about D & D Professional Services, go here.