EP162: Sal Rezai - Success Is On The Other Side Of Your Comfort Zone

Getting ready for a successful career transition isn’t easy.

Just ask our guest, Sal Rezai who is the owner of Accounting By Sal.

She stepped out of her comfort zone and grabbed the opportunity.She has a passion for accounting, small business and helping business owners achieve success, so when she started her own business in 2008, it was the beginning a fulfilling path that has expanded to many exciting opportunities including coaching and QuickBooks training.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of living outside of your comfort zone to achieve success

  • Tips for getting ready for a career transition

  • How to build a strong connection with clients

To learn more about Sal’s website, visit this link.

For her LinkedIn page, click here.

To email her, here’s her address - info@accountingbysal.ca.