EP154: Teresa Slack and Kellie Parks - The Benefits of Bookkeeping Conferences

Bookkeeping conferences.

Why do you need to attend them? Will they help you? Are they worth it?Those are a few questions some bookkeepers might ask themselves and today they will be answered by our returning guests, Teresa Slack and Kellie Parks.

They are two talented and inspiring bookkeeping business owners who’ve attended their share of conferences including the upcoming Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) Ignite event.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of attending conferences

  • The advantages of learning new information in person at a conference rather than online

  • A list of conferences for bookkeepers

For those of you, whether you’re Canadian or American, who’d like to attend the IPBC conference, visit ipbcignite.com for more information.

For more bookkeeping and accounting conferences, check out this link.