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Negative thinking.

All of us do it.

But, we can choose not to let it block us from success.

Yes, you can break free from it.

Our returning guest, Lisa Campbell, who is the owner of The Marcam Group, has done it.

She focused on the main problem, took action and transitioned into a very successful advisor to bookkeepers.

In fact, she shares her insight in the 7 Steps To Scale Your Bookkeeping Business Masterclass.

Her positive mindset and willingness to take action has changed her business forever.

Nowadays, she has a reduced workload, mentors bookkeepers, takes courses and training to improve herself which is adding more value to her bookkeeping business.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people

  • The 7 steps to scale your bookkeeping business

  • How to keep yourself organized

To learn more about Lisa, visit here.

To watch her 7 Steps To Scale Your Bookkeeping Business Masterclass webinar recording, check this out.

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