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Government contracts can improve and scale up any business.

But, many of us think that doing business with the government is not a reality.

Our guest today believes that's a myth.

Jean Kristensen is the owner of Jean Kristensen Associates, which is a full-service consulting firm that provides tools and resources to small, minority, and women-owned firms seeking to increase revenues through government contracting, certification, and innovative business strategies.

According to her, any government wants to diversify their suppliers and there is a certain percentage of allocation of contracts intended only to small businesses.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Why it's important for small businesses to be working with a bookkeeper to be ready for potential government contracts

  • Why it's necessary for your business to be procurement ready and have a strong foundation

  • Different services available for government contracts

To learn more about Jean and her services, visit this link.

To find her on LinkedIn, go here.

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