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The easiest way to make more money is simple -- get the price right.

Prices are the single most important element in your profit equation.

Get them right and you make a profit. Get them wrong and you'll get a loss.

Our returning guest is a profit improvement and effective pricing expert from the United Kingdom.

Mark Wickersham is a chartered accountant, public speaker and author of many books including Effective Pricing for Accountants and Price: The Fastest Way To Change Profits.

He is famous for helping bookkeeping and accounting firms double their profits in less than 18 months without having to work harder or do any uncomfortable marketing.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The different phases of value conversations and the fact finding process

  • The cons in providing an hourly rate

  • The cost plus pricing versus value pricing

To learn more about Mark Wickersham and his services, visit this link.

To buy a copy of Mark’s eBook, How To Price Bookkeeping, click here. 

You can sign up for his webinar, How To Price Bookkeeping on May 7, 8 or 9. Registration details will be posted on his Facebook group and emailed out to anyone who has the eBook.

To join his Facebook group, Value Pricing with Mark Wickersham, go here.