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Pink Collar Crimes.

If you don't know what they are and how destructive they can be to your bookkeeping business and life, you're listening to the right episode.

The term pink-collar crime was popularized by Dr. Kathleen Daly during the 1980s to describe embezzlement type crimes that typically were committed by females based on limited opportunity.

In this context, women were more likely to have committed low level crimes, such as bookkeeping fraud, from positions of less power compared to men who had engaged in acts of white-collar crime.

Our guest, Kelly Paxton is a Pink Collar Crime expert who specializes in educating the public about this growing problem that has risen by over 40% since 1990.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Different ways that bookkeepers and their clients can avoid Pink Collar Crimes from happening

  • The Pink flag signals

  • The importance of knowing the various Pink Collar Crimes in a bookkeeping business

To learn more about Pink Collar Crime, click here.

For Kelly's LinkedIn, visit this link.

For her Twitter, check this out.