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Are you wasting your time?

Many of us do.

It's usually in the form of busy work or other activities that shouldn't be a priority.

Before you know it, a week has gone by and you don't even remember what you did!

What if you could do the fun things you want and still get done the necessary stuff that isn't as enjoyable?

According to Laura Vanderkam, the author of I Know How She Does It, it's completely possible.

She conducted a time diary study that focused on the 1001 days in the lives of professional women, who have children, to see how they used their waking hours.

The results were quite eye-opening.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How many hours you really have to dedicate to creating the work/life balance you crave

  • How to find out what you'd truly like to do with your spare time

  • Why tracking your time is absolutely crucial to your future happiness

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