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Stop hiring poorly qualified employees!

Pure Bookkeeping co-founder, Debbie Roberts knows the effects of that.

During her 30 plus year career, she's hired her share of disasters that cost her time, credibility and sanity.

After learning from her mistakes, she eventually figured out how to systemize her hiring process which was one of the things that eventually helped her bookkeeping business sell for high 6 figures in 2014.

During this episode, you'll learn...

  • How to create a skills test to measure the ability of potential bookkeeping employees
  • What questions to ask when interviewing job candidates
  • Why you should never believe a resume

To find out more about Debbie, visit https://purebookkeeping.com/about
To check out her book, The E-Myth Bookkeeper, click here - https://purebookkeeping.com/the-book-offer