EP110: Kellie Parks – Great Apps For Organized Bookkeeping

Cloud financial technology is the key to organization.

Our returning guest, Kellie Parks is a relentless organizer and a cloud accounting specialist who runs Calmwaters Cloud Accounting.An ardent devotee of QuickBooks Online, Kellie is passionate about introducing QBO and its app partner programs to accountants and their clients.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • What is Cloud Financial Technology 

  • What are your cloud accounting options

  • Different technology for small and medium businesses and how it can help your accounting clients

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Michael Palmer: 01:13 Welcome back to The Successful Bookkeeper podcast. I am your host, Michael Palmer, and today's show is going to be a great one. Our guest is a returning guest and I really like to think of her as a cloud accounting specialist who runs Calm Waters cloud accounting, and really she loves Fintech or technology in the financial world. Recently we caught up at the Institute of Professional bookkeepers of Canada conference in Calgary, Canada, and I want to invite her to the show again, but I really wanted her to come and share some of her learnings and insights with you, Kellie Parks. Welcome back to the podcast. 

Kellie Parks: 01:54 Well, thank you for having me back. It's great to be here. 

MP: 01:58 Yeah, it's great. And we had a little chance to catch up at the conference and uh, had a real good conversation about your love of the snow in the Ski Hills of, of Utah or Utah area. 

KP: 02:09 Yeah, that's for sure. The most beautiful snow on the planet. Gorgeous and dry. 

MP: 02:13 Yes. Well we were really close to the rocky mountains, but they probably didn't have much snow on them at that time, so we had to focus and stay put at the conference. 

KP: 02:22 Yeah, I actually screwed up to bat for a couple of days afterwards was in the mountains and they did have some snow up there. 

MP: 02:27 They did. Hey, I know. How was the, how were the conditions? Was it enough to go skiing? 

KP: 02:32 Oh goodness. No, no, no, no, not even close. I'm pretty sure it's so a little bit, a few more months to go. 

MP: 02:35 Well listen, Kelly, share a little bit about yourself. You are a returning guest, so I'm sure others have listened to. Our listeners have listened to episodes, but just share a little bit for those that might just be new to the podcast. 

KP: 02:53 Sure. Okay, so I am a bookkeeper. I love being a bookkeeper and I especially love a bookkeeper now with all of the new technology that's available to us. It has added a whole new fun factor into my practice. My clients love it. They are truly in the groove of getting real-time data and collaborating with me more as team members than me doing some work and then sending them some reports and hoping like heck they read them. Yeah, that's, that's, that's kind of my main story. Just love doing that. And I do a lot of consulting with accounting firms on trying to get them hopped up and effective in the cloud technology as well. 

MP: 03:30 Beautiful. And I think that's going to be a, a busy job for, for some time to come. I uh, I, one of the things that I learned at the conference in just conversation is that bookkeepers are some of the, the first to embrace technology while as an accounting firms not so much. 

KP: 03:50 Yeah, I would, I would agree with that. We're at the forefront of using technology day in and day out. I mean, I would say bookkeeper's got out of ledger paper pretty quick and then out of excel as fast as they could into some of the desktop programs. And now here we are with the cloud technology. Bookkeepers, generally they're way ahead as accountants on technology. 

MP: 04:11 Yeah. And I guess that is the case because they are there, are there, they're looking for constantly looking for efficiencies to make their jobs, uh, not only easier but more efficient to bring information more quickly to their customers. And, and, and so, I mean it's natural that they would be looking at all sorts of the new apps that a companies can be using and as well likely come across new ones that companies maybe have embraced already. 

KP: 04:39 Yeah, for sure. I mean we really are where we're in there with our customers more than most accountants. I'm not saying there aren't some engaged accountants, but we are fully engaged and can really see where the customer is going to benefit from some of this new technology too. 

MP: 04:55 Well, I, I, yeah, I think it's great and it also leads to so many other opportunities. I always just love hearing that anytime you're close to small business owners, I think good things can happen. You can advise them, you can help, help pave the away for whatever future they're looking to get to. So your, that's where I love and I'm sure every listener is, is listening. That is the opportunity. You're there already. And this is just one of those flags that are coming up saying, look, we're the leaders in helping business owners embraces new technology and opportunity, but so many other things as well. 

KP: 05:30 Yeah, sure. And if I could just mention really quickly when we keep hearing that, you know, our jobs are going by the wayside. I'm sure we're all reading some of these stats. Our jobs are going to be put out and we're not going to be doing data entry, any of that kind of stuff anymore. I actually think there's a lot of accountants that maybe should be a little more worried than bookkeepers because we're in there with our clients. I truly believe we can add more services to them rather than just the bookkeeping. I don't really fear that whole thing. I think we're taking over a lot of that advisory role. That was typically kind of thought of as the accountant role. 

MP: 06:06 I would agree with you not to start a debate, but I may, you may have heard it first here on the successful bookkeeper podcast and hopefully you don't have any hate mail coming your way. But uh, I would agree. And I think that there's so much opportunity there. It's, it's really there, there's business. Running a business is no easy adventure and so much change, so many things happening and it's with one of the most critical pieces of the business, the finances. 

KP: 06:36 Yeah, for sure. I think it's a great opportunity for bookkeepers right now. 

MP: 06:41 Yeah. Now it brings up a question. I mean we're kind of off-topic, but that's sometimes how it goes here. But as it brings up an interesting thought, right, is that sometimes we, and I've come across this conversation of virtual, I want to be virtual, want to work from home, uh, which leads to less interaction with clients face to face and, and being like, we were just talking about being face to face with business owners where the real opportunity exists. What's your take on that in terms of a risk and what, what bookkeepers might be wanting to think about in terms of making sure that they still are present? Maybe it doesn't, isn't physically present, but still present and viewed as someone who's right in the trenches with them. 

KP: 07:25 Yeah. You know what, that was a concern of mine when I first started traveling during the winter. I, I, I basically have, I have a dozen clients and 10 of them are clients I've had for quite a long time, so let's say over 10 years. And I still have those, those same main clients. And that was a big concern cause I was, I was in their offices, I was in the trenches for them. I was up there every week or every other week, whatever the case may be. And now I'm traveling during my term and I wondered that first winter boy how this is, how is this going to go, that everything's going to be virtual. And it, you know what it turned out to be great because we are doing so much more than just data entry now. And because we're collaborating on so many new things together, new projects have developed out of all of this that I'm actually in contact with my clients more. It's just by different means. So we've told me adopted Zune, we totally engaged by phone conversation and then when I am home we're actually having these really cool kinds of personal conversations or more about their goal-setting conversations because a lot of the work is behind us and we're getting together only because now we can physically get together. I do have a couple of virtual appliance so that are in other provinces that I may never meet, but it's worked out just great. I feel like I know them.

MP: 08:50 I love it. And I mean our organization, peer bookkeeping is virtual, have team members all over the world. And so I totally get what you're saying that you build relationships. There are different relationships but you build them via things like zoom and different chat programs and that sort of thing. And what I've heard from what you've said is that it is likely these pieces of technology zoom you, you, you're on a telephone, you've got, you know, you're talking to somebody, but yet when you add video now you can see each other. And I mean it's very powerful and I think that leads to that closer relationship. So listeners definitely want to be thinking about, hey, I need to be using a video chat program of some sort, whether it's zoom, Skype, whatever the case may be. I don't think you need to go much past zoom. Really. It's a fantastic program. Um, but, but getting good at being on camera and comfortable with it, making sure that the technology is set up in their computer microphone and all that good stuff. Any recommendations around that? 

KP: 09:54 Yeah, well definitely zoom is my go-to for sure. It is a great program. Make sure your hair is done in your earrings or on, maybe you don't need to put your rings in Michael. You know what it just takes a couple of times and then your conference, like you as the user or you as the host, if you want to call it, you can get comfortable fairly quickly. And my clients got, I, you know what? I don't really have any great advice around this other than just give it a try. You gotta you just gotta give it a go. You just got to start and it's easier than it seems. It really is. And nobody's going to die if you don't make the connection exactly the way that you want to. I mean, I had a little trouble here trying to connect up with you just now and here we are and everything worked out just fine. 

MP: 10:36 Absolutely. I mean that's natural. I mean, I find it much better with zoom myself because you can connect or Skype for whatever reason. You can see a history, you can see who it was. I mean the old fashioned telephone is like, well, did they leave a voicemail if they did leave a voicemail on my checking voicemails, I mean the apps and the apps are fantastic. They have all sorts of embedded, uh, productivity things included in them. And so have you had any pushback or reluctance from any of your clients when you've been getting them onto these? Because you know, some people are just nervous about getting onto a computer and having the camera rolling. What was that experience like? 

KP: 11:17 Yeah, no, I think I, even my shyest customer who really didn't think that that was going to work for her, she's totally adopted and hears, here's something, you know, kind of for the bonus round that you wouldn't have thought of. Often when I'm doing these calls it's because maybe there's a problem using the technology or maybe they've got whatever the issue is. I asked them if we can record the session and then they can see the session. So let's say they're struggling with a couple of my clients. Do the bank feeds to themselves or their struggling with publishing over to hub doc, whatever the case may be. We're recording it live and rather than me just telling them how to do something and then watching me do it maybe, or we're having an education assessment, they can refer back to that recording. And that has been a really big win for my customers is referring back to those recordings. 

MP: 12:05 Mm. I love that. And you know, just thinking about that, I mean the, the, the use case from, from the standpoint of your, you're working with them on a situation where they're looking at their computer. I mean if you were in their office, you'd both be sitting next to the computer. It's always clunky to sort of, you know, who's grabbing the mouse or not grabbing the mouse. When you're using screen sharing technology, it's way more comfortable. It's way more effective and like you say, you can record it, which is it, which is excellent and then provides a resource for them down the track. 

KP: 12:39 Yeah, that's totally catered to the questions that they had in that moment. 

MP: 12:45 For sure. It's, it's been beautiful. I just love this a little side trail. We've gone down some really useful tips and tricks. Get on if you're not on already, get on there. If you need to do with some family or friends and get comfortable, but get your technology set up, get the microphone, get the camera, whatever it is that you need to get set up. It's not that much money, a 20, 30, $40, and you can be set up if you don't already have those things. So do it. And um, and, and make a go of it. It definitely is the wave of the future and we will wave of the future. It is today. It's the now and it's what people are doing and using. So if you're not, you want to get on that. Now let's get back to talking about this conference because there were, there were a lot of, uh, new conversations, uh, and as well existing conversations that are developing around technology. Anything that jumps right out at you that you went, wow, that was a head. Uh, you know, I don't want to say head Bob. Bobber that's you're falling asleep. Well, we could talk about head bobbers, but were there any ones that had your really perk up in your seat and go, my goodness. That's a cool opportunity 

MP: 13:48 in terms of the new apps and everything. 

MP: 13:51 What was your ba? What was the most exciting thing that you discovered at the IPBC? 

KP: 13:56 Uh, 2018 conference. 

MP: 13:58 Okay. So I'm going to come back to life as a bookkeeper and how great it is if I could do that. 

KP: 14:03 Yeah. Okay. Bookkeepers are so sharing. It is such a sense of community. Everybody just wants to help each other. I, I keep coming away with that, not just because I'm a member of IPBC, I, there is a ton of accounting professionals so I'm gonna make some friends with accountants again, I have some great accountant friends who are fully engaged with their customers by the way. And it is just such a great sense of community out there that if you can get out to some of these conferences or even the events or the sessions being held near you engage in some of those Facebook groups. I can never quite get over what a great collaborative community this is. And you know, we certainly coined that term a find your tribe or in my case I've found my tribe in terms of my profession. It's incredible. It's amazing. 

MP: 14:59 I would concur completely and we've seen it in the Facebook group here with the successful bookkeeper podcast and it's, and it's a, and it's group on the Facebook, the Facebook group called the successful bookkeeper group. I guess you would say. It's just, it, it every day I see people on there that are devoting incredible amounts of time and intellectual property, really their intellectual property and helping others be more successful and tackle problems. It's, it's, it's what I love about my job is that I get to work with all of these people across the globe and watch this every day. I mean that I say it all I have to say that is the bookkeeper community and there's, there's not that many other communities I think that have that many people that are that helpful, more helpful. 

KP: 15:51 You know, I just, I, yeah, why would it be, and I'm going to jump in here, Michael, because I really have to mention, you guys have a tremendous group. The successful bookkeeper Facebook group is really tremendous. So hats off to you guys on that one. 

MP: 16:05 That is great. Well, I, I, it's actually a thank you, but it's got nothing to do with me. It really is people like yourself that are in that community that makes it, that's, I mean we have to thank Facebook because Facebook has done a pretty good job of building technology that enables people to connect, virtually share ideas, thoughts in a safe environment, really if the functionality of engagement and they changing it and proving it all the time. But they've created technology that is enabled a group of people now we've done a good job of getting the word out and bringing folks in. And I think we've done a good job of staying out of it in terms of letting, letting the group just go in there and do what they need to do, which is connect, share, be inspired, uh, get over hurdles. Uh, Shah, you know, celebrate when they've, when they've won in that group. And I think that's, that's it. And what we, what we do and try to do our best is to make sure that it's positive and that people are safe in there and that, that the people that are in there are the people that should be in there. Right. And that's the work. That's the work that we do. So we'll definitely take the cat on and, and uh, and we like doing it.  

KP: 17:16 So yes, once it, yeah. And so to come back to IPBC if you can get to one of these events and connect with some of those people face to face, you know, actually meet them. I mean, it's a great big huggy event, which, you know, I love-hate hugging. So that's a, that's getting over one of my personal challenges, but it's, it's awesome to meet some of these people in person and that's, that's the joy of, of coming to any like IPBC.

MP: 17:48 Yeah, totally.

KP: 17:50 There was more hugs this year than I've ever experienced and so I was giving them out left right. And Center and getting them back, which is always good. You know, you get, you give the hug and it comes back as a hug. It's, that's awesome when you get shut down. Not so much fun, but uh, no, it was, it was great. The community, by all means is incredible. And if you're a listener, if you have not been to a bookkeeping conference, get it on your calendar for the, there's lots happening yet in 2018 and whenever you're listening to this, I guarantee you fall in spring. There are definitely conferences. Definitely the fall is, uh, the most popular time to have conferences. So get out there, go. You will see a return on your investment by going to these conferences and I'm going to tell you where you're going to get your return. 

KP: 18:40 You can get your return on learning about what's going on in the industry. And when you do that, even though it might be daunting, it's gonna give you more confidence. Okay? The other part is that you're going to learn a whole bunch of things. You're going to bring back more efficiencies, all sorts of good stuff that you're going to bring into your business. But then the last one I'll mention, and it's probably not the other one, and Kelly maybe you can fill in some more greatness about going to these conferences, is that it will build your confidence and commitment to doing the work that you do, such that when you get back to work, you'll have new energy, you'll have new ideas on how to really build a business that you love. So, I mean, I just, I've seen it so many times personally from my own experience going to conferences that are important to me, but as well now it's been probably five, I think it's five years of watching conferences. 

KP: 19:36 They'll, uh, over the last five years and just watch people get so much out of these things. Yeah, yeah, for sure. And you know, kind of back to the app partners, there's something to be said for meeting them there too. So yeah, there's a ton of takeaways when you get back to the office. It's, it's amazing the information you get. I think IPBC is one of the biggest ones for that. Uh, the information, it's one day longer than most conferences and it starts in the morning and it goes until six o'clock at night. We're not talking about a couple of hours of sessions with a long lunch thrown in. It's an intense conference and it is, it is built around educational content. So the, the, the takeaway information wise is incredible. The building your business aspect of it, if you follow up on it, is terrific. And actually being there with your app partners is great too because you know, you're meeting face to face apps aren't just apps, they're run by people. Right. It's nice to meet slowly 

KP: 20:30 to the end. Typically they bring their CFO support folks, you've met the founders, um, and you build a stronger relationship face to face and there's more hugging that happens. It's so, it's good. Now some people like yourself that may be have love relationship. We're turning them off the conference, but they'll tell you, don't let us stop you. You can put on your, please don't hug me, shirt a and go to the conference with it. But yeah. Lovely, lovely. I mean, I always, there's one app that always stands out for me in terms of just love, love, love from the community and that's hub dock and, and, and it really is, um, they do a great job of connecting with their community of, of users and clients and, and they're a fantastic product as, as we've talked about before. I was one of the things we talked about on one of our previous episodes, but wonderful company, wonderful people that work there and run it, great culture, all that good stuff. But then you get to meet them at a conference like that and it's, it's fantastic. And then you've got, uh, a, a more streamlined way of getting solutions to any problems you might have using these apps. So again, another big return on investment. 

MP: 21:45 Yeah. I, I did a demo of a few things I wanted fix so that they could see live how it was affecting me. If I can come back to what I call my beloved hub dogs. So we add, Jamie, one of the founders was there, of course it's been purchased by zero, but there was Jamie, he tracked out to cow dairy straight from Australia and he was just, he felt he had to be there to see everybody even, you know, it's just, it's such an example of what goes on with, with hub dock and you know, a few of the other app partners are adorable too. 

KP: 22:18 Absolutely. Don't want to say, I don't want to leave anybody out. But that was just one that stood out. Yeah. And of course, practice ignition, they're, they're very similar type of culture. That was strange enough. They were both, they both originate from Dan under a one New Zealand one from Australia. So there might be something, 

KP: 22:37 no, you know what? Hubdoc is Canadian, right? 

MP: 22:41 Right. You know what, I'm already jumping into their own by zero. So I was like, no, you absolutely. Hubdoc is, is a, is from the Toronto area. And so they're bought by zero. And I was thinking when you mentioned zero again, I was thinking zero. So, uh, and they're great people over zero, zero two, we're just going to have to get the list of list everyone off. Um, so yeah, definitely those were some, some highlights for you now in terms of anything new and exciting that you learned when you were there? What, what stands out? 

KP: 23:15 Um, I think for us, I, if I could go right down to being an IPBC member, we have a changed the way we're certifying bookkeepers in Canada now. So we run the, so I'm a certified professional bookkeeper through the Institute of professional bookkeepers of Canada, which is IPBC and we have changed into a tiered system which is going to allow people to stage into becoming a certified bookkeeper. And I think that's going to be a little bit more of, um, I mean I can, BC is geared around uplifting our profession, making sure that our profession is, you know, for lack of a better word, professional and raising the standards on the work that we do and the product that we deliver. And that message was coming across again. I now, full disclosure, I'm a board member starting now of IPBC, so I'm excited to [inaudible]. Thank you. 

Speaker 1: 24:10 So I'm excited to see some of these tears that came in last year and we're starting to see people cycling through that program now. I mean uplifting at a profession that is already so engaging in collaborative. If we can uplift that outside of our own community, it can only do us all good, including the small businesses that use our services. If they start to become aware that there is a difference between somebody who's calling themselves a bookkeeper and somebody who is certifying engaged in the bookkeeping community, there'll be better off the small business or the medium business. Okay. Or any business. 

MP: 24:48 Yeah, no, absolutely agree. 

KP: 24:51 Yeah. Uh, what was your, what was your big, you know, sort of new Aha, I mean, the Aha wall was up at, at a ignite this, this weeks or last week. What was your big moment, Michael? 

MP: 25:02 Do you know? I would say that I, I, I felt the tipping point of technology happening. So when I say technology, cloud, technology, workflow, technology, uh, the Apps, I just feel that in years past people were coming, going, oh, I don't know. That's interesting. There's so much change this year. I felt like people were there to evaluate and select, uh, either the technology that they were going to use. They were coming there looking for new technology versus going, oh dear, there's new technology. It was more, they were embracing it. And I think someone said to me, you know, this sort of just went, all of a sudden went boom, and, and, and happened all of a sudden I said, well, the tipping point happened all of a sudden, but this, this was, you know, lots of years in the coming where it's been coming, coming, coming. 

MP: 25:56 Then all of a sudden, enough people have embraced the technology, has gotten good enough that it actually is really delivering on the promise that those app partners and technology partners are making. Right. When people say, it's going to save you time, yeah, it saves you time. But you know, sometimes they break and they're, they're all in their infancy. I mean, they're just only, most of them are just a couple of years old. And so they've got, there's just so much more that can happen. And so I think people are seeing, wow, this stuff really is working and it's working better. And so it's really exciting to see. And that was my biggest takeaway from, from the conference. 

KP: 26:33 You know, I would agree. So I like to phrase that as we're getting over the why we're now into the how bet. 

MP: 26:46 Well put. Well put. Yeah. Yeah. And so, uh, for those that have not maybe seen that or, or feeling that it is there and then there's some really great, uh, technology partners that were there. One that stood out for me that, uh, is going to be a guest soon on the podcast was dry run. It's, uh, it was an app for doing cash flow. And I, I love apps that help like that, that helped provide a picture of the future. I think that's one of the big missing pieces in the bookkeeping space is really helping small businesses see into the future. This is where you're at. This is where things are, this is where the trending is going and what you can be expecting into the future. You do that for a small business owner. They are going to sleep better at night, they're going to love you. 

KP: 27:31 Uh, they're going to name their children after you, right? Yeah. So I think, uh, an app like dry run is worth taking a look at. There's probably others, but that one was a standout for me for sure. And um, I'm really excited about what's going on with workflow. I mean there was some workflow partners there, but we're, we're pure bookkeeping and a jetpack workflow, uh, have started working together. So we have, uh, the pure bookkeeping standard operating procedures are all now embedded into jetpack workflow. And so many people were asking about jet back and saying how much they loved jetpack workflow. And that's exciting as well. Like when you hear people, I mean, we all get that technology helps, but when their staff like the technology yet, no, you're on to something. And so hearing that I was really excited and there was a bunch of other workflow apps that are out there, which is exciting to see. Uh, so that was the other one is that people are embracing this really, um, powerful embedded technology into their practices. 

MP: 28:33 Yeah. And you know what a, so yeah, shout out to you guys. That was exciting for me when I heard that I'm sick, that pure bookkeeping was teaming up with jetpack two programs that I, I fully believe in and your systems and jet packs technology, that's, that's a terrific combination. And I think anybody who's, who's either see me speak, heard me Yak on and on and on, workflow is what is going to power best practices and workflows and processes. Your, you're not going to make it in the cloud effectively without those things. And so it is exciting the technology that's going to power a lot of this workflow that we're going to need. 

KP: 29:17 Sure. Absolutely. And I, and I think it was, it was just a convert. Well said. And it was just a conversation this morning with our bookkeeping team and dean was saying, look, there's some technology that I'm doing today that works great for me. But from a putting that into a, into a standard operating procedure and explaining exactly how I'm doing it is, is onerous. And it's like he can do it because he's great at it. He's been doing it for years, but he's, he's pushing, we need better technology, we need to find apps that can do it is the way that I'm doing it, but don't need as much training and people can come and do it. So it's kind of this combination of workflows that bring it all together, but then as you bring in new technology that can make it even easier. Well, we're on the right track panel and of course the standard operating procedures all need to be updated to make sure that it's, you know, explained on how to do that. But I think it's just these two dances, two partners in the dance, uh, building systems and process, but as well, using systems, software systems, apps, technology to help streamline things in business. And that's where the big wins come from. 

MP: 30:24 Absolutely. Wow. You know what, we, we have pro, we've, we've, we've, we're up on time and we have an even probably, definitely tell there's so much that we could be talking about. Anything else that you'd like to add about the conference this year or about the Institute of professional bookkeepers? 

KP: 30:49 No, I think you know, well, yes. Just that one last thing that if you can join one of these professional associations they really are raising up are our businesses, our practices, our image, whatever the case may be. They're definitely introducing everybody to all of the technology that's available and helping you get on board with using it properly and then again, I'm going to say it again. If you can get out to one of the actual live events, no matter how tech-driven I am, how great I think it is, it's still fantastic to connect with people in person and I think there's no mistake and how into it decided to name their conference connect because it truly does make a difference to get out and connect in real life. 

MP: 31:37 Absolutely. You can listen to a CD, a of music, but when you go to the concert, it's a totally different experience. And so get out there and connect into it, has a great conferences into it. Connect a zero has zero con I believe sage has several conferences that they, that they run Google it 

MP: 32:02 sessions now, sage sessions. 

MP: 32:03 Uh, the IPBC, uh, which is the institute of professional bookkeepers in Canada has an annual event, but as well regional events. There are all sorts of opportunities and we, I don't want to go on list by list, country by country, but you great place to go and find out a group you can join is on Facebook. Go into one of the groups that you belong to and ask where, what groups are you attending, what events are you attending? Where if people had had, you know, got the most value. Ah, find one that's really progressive and, and building for the future and as well today and join that group. And it might be an association, it might just be one of the software partners. But get out there, make an investment in this. Every year. I can sure you that it will be money well spent time well spent and will just lead you to building a better business, a business that you love. 

KP: 33:00 For sure. I, I couldn't agree more. 

MP: 33:02 Yeah. Awesome. Kellie, it's always so great to have you on the show. Is there anything else you want to leave with or a if, if people want to get in touch with you? 

KP: 33:11 So Kellie Parks, my company is Calm Waters, cloud accounting and I can also be found on Facebook at the Wa workflow watering hole. It's a Facebook group and we're geared towards workflow just like it says, we're best practices, processes, systems, and workflows. We're not about much else, but we certainly love that topic so you can find me hanging around in there. And of course, I'm in the successful bookkeeper Facebook group a lot. I just love your group. 

MP: 33:43 Awesome. Well we love having you there and we'll have links to those in the show notes. And again, Kellie, thank you so much for giving your time to our listeners today. 

KP: 33:55 Aw, thank you for having me. 

MP: 33:57 And that wraps another episode of The Successful Bookkeeper podcast. To learn more about today's guest and to get access to all sorts of valuable free business building resources, you can go to Thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com. 

MP: 34:09 Until next time, goodbye.