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Risk Management.

The forecasting and evaluation of financial risks is vital to the life of your bookkeeping business.

If you don't pay attention, your business will suffer.

Our guest, Jennifer North is a certified professional bookkeeper who developed the Risk Management Checklist. 

She joined the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers USA (ICB USA) as an Administrative Manager. 

The checklist along with her wide range of skills and experience, both in marketing and accounting, are now helping ICB USA in its efforts to lead the future of bookkeeping certification in North America.

During this interview, you'll learn about...

  • The Risk Management Checklist

  • The list of key mistakes to avoid

  • What value and credibility you can add to your client

To get in touch with Jennifer and receive a free copy of The Risk Management Checklist, email her at jennifer.north@icbusa.org.

For her Facebook page, click here.

For her LinkedIn page, visit here.

To further investigate ICB USA, go here.