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Bringing peace of mind to clients so they can focus on their businesses and not have to worry about daily financial operations are passions of our guest, Traci Yates.

She is the founder and owner of Tralissa Inc. which offers bookkeeping, tax, and controller services to small and mid-sized businesses in Texas. 

Prior to founding Tralissa Inc, Traci served as corporate controller for three businesses. Her experience includes the automotive, lending, and startup industries. 

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Importance of the 8300 form to your bookkeeping business

  • How to communicate accurate financial information

  • Tips on saving companies money and improving their efficiency through automation

To learn more about Traci Yates, visit here.

To reach her via email, here's her address - info@tralissainc.com.

For her Facebook page, click here.

For her LinkedIn page, go here.

To check out Tralissa Inc, click this link.

PLEASE NOTE:  In this episode, a Jennifer North interview was mentioned as being a past episode, that is incorrect. Jennifer's episode will be released on Sept. 11th. Our apologies for the error.