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Resilience is the key to dealing with change, stress and adversity.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to make more money and experience more success, an individual looking for professional development program or an organization interested in giving your employees new skills and tools to work more effectively, our returning guest has the information to help everyone become more resilient.

Facilitator, coach, speaker, sales consultant and author, Cindy Stradling brings over 25 years of practical hands on business experience to her work. 

She has developed unwavering resilience through her journey and has developed her sales and resilience programs to show others how they can too.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The keys to lasting resilience

  • The right tools you can thrive in times of change

  • How to develop new coping techniques needed when life throws you a curveball

To learn more about Cindy Stradling, visit here.

For her Twitter page, click here.

For her LinkedIn page, visit here.

For the link to her program, visit here and you can take advantage of the early bird pricing by using the code: ATHENA.