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If you're a bookkeeper, you must embrace it.

Today, there are so many great apps that you can use to make your bookkeeping business more efficient, productive and profitable.

In this special episode, you'll discover a few.

This won't be a typical interview because you'll hear audio from a Pure Bookkeeping Licensee Monthly Success Call, hosted by Michael Palmer, which features the President of Graham Consulting & Training Inc., Nancy Gwynne-Vaughan.

She'll share her technology findings from the Intuit App Roadshow she attended.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Different apps in the industry that can help small and medium businesses

  • How to use technology efficiently

  • How different apps can be powerful to business owners and their clients

To learn more about Bookkeeping for Lawyers, visit here.

For Nancy Gwynne-Vaughan’s Facebook page, click here.

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To get in touch with Nancy, email her at info@bookkeepingforlawyers.ca.