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Heather Weiler is exactly that.

She is the owner of Weiler Bookkeeping Services, but more incredible is the journey she travelled before becoming a business owner.

A few years ago, while she was 7 months pregnant with her third son, her husband died in a car accident.

For many, it could have broken them forever.

Not Heather.

It was a heartbreaking moment in her life, but she kept moving forward.

Through sheer courage, determination, perseverance and conviction, she found a way to support her kids and create a great business that continues to grow every day.

During this powerful episode, you'll learn...

  • How your mindset is the determining factor in your success especially during challenging times

  • How the power of community can help you in your darkest hour

  • Why it's important to have grit, focus, a willingness to learn and a great work ethic to achieve your goals

To find out more about Heather, visit