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If you're an introvert, the very thought of it might strike fear into your heart.

It's hard to gather the energy to meet strangers at events and attempt to create rapport, so they can like you enough to want to hear how your business can assist them.

Today's guest is an introvert and has been where you are, but she cracked the code on how to overcome her struggles to achieve success.

Her name is Beth Buelow and she is a trusted speaker, published author and host of The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast.

During this episode, you'll learn...

  • How to let go of your negative inner stories around why you don't like networking

  • The importance of seeing networking as having meaningful conversations with people and not feeling like you have to push your business onto them

  • Why listening is an introvert's greatest superpower especially when it comes to networking and sales

To find out more about Beth, visit here.

To buy her book,  click here.