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It's likely the most powerful business related social media network out there.

If you don't have a presence on it, it's also a huge untapped opportunity that could be the golden ticket for many more sales leads and networking opportunities for your bookkeeping business.

If you're like many bookkeepers, who don't know how social media works or seriously question if it's worth their time, you're about to find out some extremely useful information.

Our guest, LinkedIn Customer Success Leader, Perry Monaco, whose worked there 6 years and has helped many companies attract new business leads, will walk you through step-by-step on the following...

  • How to create an effective profile that will clearly communicate who you are and what you offer, so prospects will know where to find you

  • The importance of figuring out your target audience and knowing exact who they are so you can cater your LinkedIn profile to them

  • How to further boost your credibility as a bookkeeping expert by creating and sharing relevant content with your audience

To find out more about the resources Perry mentioned in this episode, visit any of the below: - Find various articles & videos on any LinkedIn user questions.  - Look for LinkedIn channels with useful presentations and videos.
Perry Monaco's LinkedIn page -